Admission Open for Academic Year 2016-2017.
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    Love, Our Foundation

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    Positivism, Our Culture

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    Innovation, Our Spirit

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Bhashini is the concept preschool that provides a safe, nurturing and educational environment for children 2 through 6 years of age.

We believe that children are miracles. Children need to feel safe; safe to explore their world and try new things. Second, they need to feel nurtured. They need to know that they are special. Bhashini gives preschoolers a safe and cheerful environment to explore socially and intellectually so that these tender buds blossom into self assured, strong and confident personalities. Their hurt feelings are counted, their sadness is comforted, their joy is shared and their accomplishments are praised. The idea of ‘learning by doing’,’ learning by activity’ and ‘learning by fun’ is incorporated.

“Birth to six years are very vital years which lays foundation of the future adult”×

Every child has potential to excel and is blessed with unique ABSORBENT MIND which helps the child to develop into intellectually integrated personality.

Our interactive educational program not only stimulates educational growth but also refines all their senses, enhances love, acceptance and safety to all children.

We recognize that parents are the child’s first teachers. Children learn best when parents are involved in their educational program. The primary bridge between home and school is the involvement of family.

What Parent's Say about us ?
Sadananda Kulkarni
Over all a very good experience.Teachers are friendly and they understand the behavior of the child and treat them in their own way making the child feel comfortable.I have seen some changes in my daughter she has become more social and interactive with everyone.
Anjali Patil
Best school, excellent environment for children to learn, the teachers all staffer's are loving and dedicated. Good practical method teaching which makes a child.
Padmanabh Patil
This school has evolved as a place where kids not only learn but also enjoy, have ton and mingle with their subordinates. As a parent we are satisfied with the curricular and co-curricular activities conduct at the school. All the activities create interest in all the students.
Tejashri Mehta
School did a good job in this session, from being protective towards kid's by teaching them well manners, discipline and behaviour.

Megha Mehta
Yes I have found lot changes in my daughter.She learnt so many things such as shlokas, rhymes and her English words pronunciation is so good comparatively. I've been impressed with what the children learn as well as the teaching techniques. In addition to the fundamentals, they are learning so many other things.
Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi
First, this Preschool is a place that really understands children. Second, the teachers that work at the school are excellent. From the Director on down, all the staffers are loving and the atmosphere at the Preschool is that of a warm, happy place. Third, the classrooms and overall facility are very clean, bright, and cheery.
Jayashree Mote
Bhashini the Preschool is an excellent environment to introduce a child to the school experience and I highly recommend it to anyone considering preschool for their child.
Rajani Revankar
Bhashini is the right place for you! Your child will learn important life skills such as making friends, sharing and respect for others, as well as kindergarten readiness skills, all the while building a positive self image. They are receiving a great foundation for learning.

Our Management

Our Management

Bhashini has a team of strong and diligent teachers. Teachers are carefully screened under which we hand-pick right candidates who fulfill our basic criterion – love for children and passion for work. Teachers are trained ...

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Our Methodology

Our Methodology

We know that preschool children are concrete thinkers and need to touch, hear, see, smell, taste and move in order to understand their world. To allow children to learn more holistically across many different linked areas, work...

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Why Bhashini

Why Bhashini

The preschool Bhashini provides child-centric, carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way. Our Multiple Intelligence curriculum not only clarifies the concepts but also refines...

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School Experience

Bhashini the preschool was founded four years ago. The main purpose of the school is to provide family based advanced preschool and kindergarden enriched curricula. It is overwhelming that we now count 4 years from the inception of the school– with each year having its own triumphs and struggles and yet unique in many ways. In these four years Bhashini was full of joy,

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Our Approach

Children come into the world eager to learn. During the first five years of life enormous growth takes place as young children set off to explore their world and understand their place in it. Young children learn best by doing. Learning isn’t just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand

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Active Learning

Our structured learning environment includes activities like prayers and shloka time, Circle time, learning center, free play etc … round the day morning meeting with. Circle time Discussions about today’s calendar and events of the day, songs and fingerplays  are done during circle time, this enhances child’s speaking and listening skills keeping each child in mind Learning center Learning center teach hands-on skills about

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