Bhashini is the concept preschool that provides a safe, nurturing and educational environment for children 2 through 6 years of age.

We believe that children are miracles. Children need to feel safe; safe to explore their world and try new things. Second, they need to feel nurtured. They need to know that they are special. Bhashini gives preschoolers a safe and cheerful environment to explore socially and intellectually so that these tender buds blossom into self assured, strong and confident personalities. Their hurt feelings are counted, their sadness is comforted, their joy is shared and their accomplishments are praised. The idea of 'learning by doing',' learning by activity' and 'learning by fun' is incorporated.

"Birth to six years are very vital years which lays foundation of the future adult"

Every child has potential to excel and is blessed with unique ABSORBENT MIND which helps the child to develop into intellectually integrated personality.

Our interactive educational program not only stimulates educational growth but also refines all their senses, enhances love, acceptance and safety to all children.

We recognize that parents are the child's first teachers. Children learn best when parents are involved in their educational program. The primary bridge between home and school is the involvement of family.

Parenting Tip of the Week

  • A time will come when your child will spend more time with T.V, friends and clothes than with you! Accept and respect these changing needs of your child.It certainly do not mean that love has vanished.
  • More than your talking, your child needs your listening-listening to your child's opinions, ideas, dreams and doubts.It is the best way to show that you are always there for him.
  • Respect and love for grandparents will help your child see life in the right perspective. And also give him a chance to cherish some of the most beautiful memories in life.
  • Appreciate every creative effort of the child and love his achievement irrespective of their artistic merit. This will inspire him to keep trying.
  • Children may not say, but they believe and expect parents to be perfect. Remind them that you too are a human being who makes mistakes.